Paul Goerg

PAUL GOERG Champagnes elaborate blending with a timeless and authentic style, thanks to their size and their know-how.
The range is based on the Chardonnay grape variety, whose full potential for finesse and elegance is expressed through the art of blending.
PAUL GOERG uses between 40 and 50% reserve wines to ensure the continuity of his style.
The aging of the cuvées is always greater than three years, which allows a subtle dosage.


Ch. & A. Prieur, was founded in 1825 by Jean-Louis Prieur, a native of Champagne. The House still bears in its corporate name the first name of the sons of the founder.
At the end of the 19th century, in order to promote their champagne, the managers of Maison Prieur chose to use the image of the Emperor Napoleon in the design of a large commercial poster.
The success of this campaign will encourage the leaders of the house to go further in their thinking and create a real brand on June 5, 1907.


Sieur de Gaillard
Crémant de Bordeaux White & Rosé

It is in the pure tradition that we have been producing our Crémants de Bordeaux since 1995, now available in white, rosé or semi-dry.

Crémant de Bordeaux White & Rosé

The selection of grapes is very restrictive according to their quality, in order to produce a high quality wine.