AMBROSIA is a trading company founded in 1990 and based in Macau en Médoc-Margaux.

AMBROSIA distributes 70% on exports (of which 60% in the European Union and 40% in Third Countries) and 30% in France.

AMBROSIA has a 1500 sq.m storage warehouse for a better stock control and order preparation operations.

AMBROSIA independent of the « Place de Bordeaux », ensures the marketing of its wines (AOC and Château bottled) by direct selling, thus guaranteeing a perfect control of its distribution channels.

AMBROSIA uses the skills of œnologists and qualified agronomists (VITIGESTION) who guarantee the quality of its wines.

AMBROSIA offers a range of property wines of all the Bordeaux region appellations.

AMBROSIA ensures bulking of the orders on a single collection spot.

AMBROSIA is member of the Union des Maisons de Bordeaux since 1990.